Not compatible with humans

'Tell me Why' 

'I'm sorry, Jack. I understand, I really do.
I used to have a family. Until they were killed by Pitch. Then I was alone. 
To avoid the pain, I was mischievous, rebellious, adventurous, carefree…. A little trouble maker, like you. 
Although I was too young to remember my parents, and I had the lunar moths and moonbots, it was still… a lonely life… 

Even so, I grew up watching the children of Earth. Even if they didn’t know me, I felt like they were my friends. I needed to protect them. 
You would do anything to protect your sister. I preserved your type of protection. Despite these 300 years, you, yourself, are still a child. 

I cannot tell you this myself. You needed to find your new family on your own. I thought the truth would be too hard for you. THEY need to learn to accept and be there for you… so… if I don’t act now, you might break… like Pitch did…. 

Jackson Overland Frost, its time to accept your fate… 

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